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23 May 2023
Zurich, Switzerland

Investor Track 

The following 11 startups will present their ideas within 5 minutes during the Parallel Sessions.

Parallel Session 1

Pulsewave AG
Presenter: Peter Weisz
Monitoring your vital signs, behind your ears, with your eyeglasses.

OxyPrem AG
Presenter: Alexander Nitsch
Brain oxygen monitoring to prevent disabilities and death in high-risk patients.

Medyria AG
Presenter: Mauro Sette

Medyria is developing the PyCath for full Physiology assessment. Is looking for 4.5M CHF to reach the market.

Resmonics AG
Presenter: Peter Tinschert

The world's first real-time and actionable respiratory infection warning system.

MGME Neurotech GmbH
Presenter: Marcus Grüschow

Using neuroscience to assess and prevent stress at the workplace.

aiEndoscopic AG
Presenter: Philippe Ganz

We simplify endoscopy.

Parallel Session 2

Deep Breath Intelligence AG
Presenter: Christian Zwicky
DBI provides solutions for early disease detection for better and earlier treatment.

Leitwert AG
Presenter: Lukas Geissmann

Wearable Device interoperability platform for healthcare providers and research organizations to continuously monitor patients.

IDUN Technologies
Presenter: Abigail Holland

The IDUN Guardian is the first commercially available brain analytics platform comprising in-ear EEG earbuds and a cloud-based solution for measuring and processing brain signals.

Presenter: Claudia Scheckel

Reliable monitoring of cancer therapy response and early detection of cancer progression.

Positrigo AG
Presenter: Dr. Jannis Fischer

NeuroLF is a dedicated brain positron emission tomography system which offers functional imaging of the brain.


Presenter: Andrea Cimolato
Revolutionizing the treatment of diabetic neuropathy through AI-driven neuromodulation.

Presenter: Joanna Ledunger

Mental health and metabolic health are correlated and the deficits in neuro-metabolism have an impact on mental health and experienced symptoms.

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